Engineering Analysis

There’s a threshold or performance parameter to exceed

Andreas Engineering, Inc., will provide analysis services utilizing classical techniques of closed form hand calculations, numerical methods, and/or finite element analysis (FEA) for strength, stiffness, thermal, mode shape, and dynamic evaluations of components and systems.

NX CAE with NASTRAN solver is the tool used by Andreas for finite element modeling (FEM).  It is seamlessly integrated with NX CAD (see Design) such that design concepts never leave NX for analysis.  This is a powerful time-saver, as it eliminates export/import between foreign CAD and FEM packages, allowing analysis models to be constructed once with subsequent CAD geometry changes merely passed through to the FEM for update and the process iterated for serial analyses.

Classical “hand” calculations: Loads Analysis
Classical “hand” calcs: Stress Analysis







Non-Linear Structural Analysis
Non-linear Thermal Analysis
Thermal-Structural Interaction Analysis
Deflection Analysis
Stress Analysis