Engineering Design

There’s an objective, function, or specification to meet

Consider Andreas Engineering for your engineering design needs.  Andreas will design to specification or generate an array of concepts based upon customer requirements.  Flexibility and a desire to serve the customer’s best interest are attributes that Andreas holds in high regard.  A small company, Andreas can respond very quickly to customer updates and redirects.

NX is the CAD system employed by Andreas Engineering.  It is a top tier system in use in major industries and is a versatile tool.  It allows a high level of interoperability with other CAD systems via a feature called Synchronous Technology (ST).  This enables clients using Solidworks, Catia, Creo/Pro-e, etc., to overcome the common impediment to collaboration.

Here is how ST works:

NX imports client neutral files (.igs/IGES, .stp/STEP), recognizes physical features, and imparts intelligence into them per the engineer’s direction.  These features can be parameterized and manipulated, setting the stage for the further design operations to be performed by changing dimensions and/or features and topology.  Design trades are supported with analysis as necessary, and modified parts can be returned to the client for reimportation into the client’s native CAD tool.


Military Electronics Packaging MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160


Assembly Design
Freeform Design
Freeform Design
Complex Assembly Design
Machined Casting